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This Terms & Conditions Agreement ("T&C") applies to all the users of "" and its other sub websites and our other offline channels. T&C also applies to all the various users of Grecor offline channels. These Sites are the sole property of GRECOR. All users of the websites and channels are implicitly bound by T&C. If they don’t agree to these T&C they must discontinue the use immediately.

GRECOR on its sole discretion can change/amend T&C and it is the responsibility of the users to be updated on T&C prior to every individual usage. Any usage on GRECOR properties is temporary, implying no transfer of rights or privileges.


Use of Grecor property (viewing, navigation or transactions) on the website or offline is subject to agreed terms. Your usage of these properties imply your implicit agreement on these terms. If you don’t agree with any of these terms you are advised not use these properties:


We only ship within parts of NCR (Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad, Indira Puram (Ghaziabad) & Vaishali Ghaziabad). We don't ship fragile products made from terracotta, ceramic and glass, even though order may be booked through our website. Such material shall be handed over to you or your representative from our stores only. Our normal deliver time can vary from 1 week to 10 weeks for various styles, solutions and products, however unforeseen circumstances may cause uncertain delay in delivery schedule. Our team will be in touch with you in such cases..

Grecor provides free shipping on all orders above Rs 10,000 within part of NCR covered under our shipping policy. For orders of less than Rs. 10000, actual shipping charges are levied. For other cities and international shipping actual charges are levied

All products come through a QC process. However, since human interface is significant and there is a risk of damage in transit, any defect which comes to your notice on receipt may be notified on receipt of goods itself. Please ensure that you have thoroughly checked the product in all respect before taking the delivery. We will not be in a position to extend any replacement on goods once you have received them. We will try to replace the defective goods within a short period if goods are available in inventory. Else we will try to give you a nearest substitute if you would want to opt for that or payment of defective good will be refunded if already paid. However, we will not accept returns of items for any reason other than "defect". We may try to fix a minor defect onsite through a repair which shall be acceptable to you.

Refunds against defective products will be processed to your bank account via National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) from where payments were received. In case purchase was made through cash the same will be refunded in cash from Grecor’s office.

Please note that return is not allowed for products purchased on discounts or from any of the offers.


Order cancellation is allowed prior to shipping stage only. Post shipping order return is allowed only for defective products at the time of delivery of products to you. In such a case please notify us at our helpline and return the defective products immediately without causing any further damage and in original packaging. Refund will be made as per refund policy.


Installation of the chosen styles and solutions will be done as per your decision to use your own vendor or one of the third party installer registered with Grecor. Grecor does not take any responsibility of such installers’ workmanship.

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Terms of use

  1. Usage of Grecor properties including websites

    You shall provide the correct information on all aspects as and when required. You will not try to illegally benefit or hurt/damage any properties such as use of automated mechanisms to slow website infrastructure or download and reproduce ideas, pictures, videos or text from any of GRECOR properties. All properties including intellectual properties belong to GRECOR or their associates/affiliates and/or business partners and they are protected by legal rights or under application of license. Grecor in its sole discretion can disallow the use of any such properties and will not be liable.

    Use of any proprietary content logo, symbol, IP will require a separate agreement and every such use will require written permission from Grecor.

  2. Your Personal Information

    You have to provide us with certain personal information for using or transacting with Grecor online and offline. This subject is governed by our privacy policy. You must read and understand the terms of privacy policy prior to use and transacting. Privacy policy is subject to change on our discretion so it is your responsibility to read and agree on terms of privacy policy every time you use or transact with Grecor.

    Though we take due care to protect any private information received, we are not in a position to guaranty protection. You must understand that, if your information is too private to be shared kindly don’t proceed to use or transact with us. We want to make it amply clear here that we can’t warranty you (implied or expressed) to prevent any unauthorise access of your private information.

    Consequent to your providing us with your private information Grecor will not be liable to any liabilities direct, indirect emerging from contract or tort or any other source and we will not be party to pursuing any case or claims on your behalf or from a third party.

  3. Communication and subscription

    By providing us with your contact information you consent to receive certain communication from us. Grecor and its team will be sending you some communication through electronic /non electronic means on any of your devices. If you want to unsubscribe to any such communication at any point you may do so by writing an email title “Unsubscribe” or call us at —————

  4. Payment Terms

    You have to be of the age of 18 or above (or age per the minimum permission age allowed by the State) and personally identifiable human to be able to transact with us. All payment must be governed by Payment Gateway terms, policies and process including levies, duties and taxes. You must provide correct and complete details of your bank account, credit card, debit card or any other payment mechanisms linked on payment gateway as allowed by the regulatory and governmental bodies. By providing any payment related information about your bank account, credit or debit card implies that you have consented to allow us to charge your account/cards for the payment against your purchase invoice any time as per the ongoing purchase /payment policy. Refund are subject to refund and policy and they will be allowed strictly as per the policy. You must be aware of the terms of your bank or credit card issuers to understand your rights and obligations as an account holder/card holder. Any misuse of the card /account by third party will not be the responsibility of Grecor. You must let us know of any discrepancies in billing within 30 days of invoice date. In case for any reason we don’t receive payment from your credit card agent/bank you will be liable to pay us complete invoiced amount including any taxes and /or transaction charges related to payment services. Please note that you will be responsible to pay any taxes or government duties related to transaction with Grecor.

  5. Pricing Policy

    Grecor follows a maximum retail price (MRP) model for different cities. All offers /discounts are applied on MRP. Grecor does not take any responsibility for price variances if any one of Grecor associate or retailer sells goods at a price other than MRP. We can modify the MRP of our products at any time at any frequency dynamically and/or offer any number of offers including discounts or promotional offers.

  6. Right to Decline Order or Partial Supply

    Grecor reserves right to decline your order at any time or offer a partial supply due to any unforeseen reasons or errors in systems or by humans. This is likely to happen only in case of some error or unexpected circumstances which limit our capacity to serve you. In such a case we will not be liable to any additional damages including taxes/charges and if you have already been charged then will refund your payment received in our account within 15 days. If you don’t receive your money back in 15 days please remind us at ——————. and we will try to expedite the payment. You will indemnify us of any damages which you may incur due to such a situation.

  7. Disclaimer

    Grecor products are produced in low volume by designers, crafts man, artisans, and its vendors and they may be handmade. Grecor doesn’t take responsibility for any defects. However we will replace products if additional inventory is available or refund the payment within 2 weeks of the date of invoice. Grecor disclaims any quality assurance/ warranties stated or implied or suitability of products for your projects or sites. All products and services are provided on “as is” basis with no claims of design, material, quality, longevity against any obvious or inherent defects.

  8. Maximum Liability

    In any case, and for any reason liability of Grecor will never exceed the actual amount received by Grecor from customers. Such reasons may be due to negligence, delays, defect, return, non-suitability, inadequacy, non-availability or any such human or machine errors or any error of Grecor partner, employees, associates or suppliers

  9. Indemnification

    You in your complete awareness agree to indemnify Grecor, partners, employees, associates and service providers from all damages which may arise from any use of website or products or services. These damages may include third party claims, legal expenses or government penalties including but not limited to violation of terms. Grecor does not take any responsibility of implementation of its products or solutions at any sites and it will the sole responsibility of users to apply their wisdom and use all precaution of safety in deciding the use of the products and implementation at any place suitable for the human safety. You must not implement products at places which may fall and damage any persons. Keep them at right location and safe heights not exposed to risk to others. You indemnify Grecor of any losses or damages on account of any accident that takes place.

  10. General Policies

    All Grecor property users including those who use Grecor website and /or its products, solutions and services through any other channel hereby agree to all the current terms and conditions and policies of Grecor that include but not limited to buyers policy , supplier policy, associate policy, employee policy, contactors’ policy, and or any other policies. By your usage of this website or inquiry or communication or viewing of content or even a single click on website or through other channels you are implicitly bound by the term of all policies. Further these policies may dynamically change at any point and it will be your responsibility to update yourself on the terms and policies before entering into any transaction.

  11. Complete Agreement

    This agreement between Grecor and you is complete. Grecor reserves rights to assign this agreement in favour of any party including successors and you have deemed to have consented to that. However, you agree to not assign this agreement to any other party.

    And even certain part of the agreement is not enforceable the remaining agreement will continue to remain relevant and deemed enforceable. This agreement never expires until Grecor or its successor completely and legally shut down the business for any reasons.

  12. Jurisdiction

    This agreement is governed by the laws and courts of Delhi, India