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Grecor in the course of serving its customers and managing relationships to improve the offering collects necessary and useful information about customers which may include certain private information about you. Here is what may classify as private information:

Private Information:

  • Your name, contact details, address
  • Certain demographic details
  • Your purchase history
  • Your survey information
  • Your data related to site navigation /session information- IP information, OS information
  • Your payment details as required by banking channel or/and payment gateway
  • Credit /debit card information required by card issuing companies
  • Shipping information
  • Your passwords for the site
  • Third party sign-in information connected to our websites
  • Your communications with us through messages/ emails
  • Information gathered through cookies- automated information loaded in browser related to you to improve the experience. Cookies can be disallowed by you at anytime by disallowing the option in browser.
  • What May not be private

  • Information /thoughts shared by you on message boards, blogs, facebook page, or any public testimonials
  • Demographic data received from public sources
  • Any other information which is already a public information
  • Intent
  • We use any private information about you only to serve you better and promote our products and service with you any methods using your private information
  • We don’t sale any private information to any third party
  • Users
  • Private information is used by people within Grecor or outside only for specific purpose of serving you. Such as your order management by our franchise, associates, shipment and logistic agencies, certain suppliers in our market place or any such supplying agencies.
  • This information is shareable with our sister companies/business units, successors or entities formed through strategic or restructuring of ownership rights fully or partially.
  • Information may be required by Government/regulatory bodies or in relation to legal aspects

Your Rights

Grecor at all point provide you an opportunity to deny us to use any of your private information. You may instruct us to “not receive any communication from us. You may do so by writing an email at hi@grecor. in.“ Unsubscribe and Delete private information”. We will immediately remove all such private information about you from servers/PCs or our records.