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Swing on Wheels


    Measurements :

    L - 66", B-39", H-78"

    Material: Outdoor Wood for Seat and wheels; Mild Steel frame

    Color:charcoal grey; Wood - Natural Teak finish

    Ever wish you were little again? Bring back home your childhood with Grecor’s wooden outdoor swing to complete your space. Happiness for your, decor for us!

Hexagon Stool with Nested Pouffe (Couple set)


    Measurements :

    Stool - H-20", L - 14" (mid of side to mid of side); Pouffe - H-18", L-12.5"

    Material:Stainless Steel 202 grade; Spun Cotton & Polyester mix fabric

    Color: AS SHOWN

    From the flexible range of furniture, this is an awesome set. Flexible for use as a space saving seater for bedrooms or living or dining rooms. It can be kept as a single set or as a combination of 3 sets or more for an evening tea or a casual dinner with family or friends. You just see the 3 hexagon stools plugged onto one another, with the pouffes sitting in below, in a combination of 3 sets.the space around is free for the movement. #easyflexy

Jute Wrap Indoor Pouffe


    Measurements :

    Dia-15", H-18"

    Material: Jute wrap on mild steel drum, weatherproof printed outdoor fabric for seat

    Color: Natural Jute finish

    Add this jute piece to your rustic or modern glazed interiors to bring in that extra bit of fusion zing to your Interiors or Outdoors!

Side table with planter box on wheels


    Measurements :

    34" x 11" x 11" H

    Material:White Composite Stone top, veneer on ply sides

    Color: Teak finish/ Mahogany finish

    One of the flexible furniture range of Grecor, this one is a coffee table cum an air filter for your living room. With wheels below, take it easily to your brightly lit area in your home for a few days for the plants. Or take it to your balcony to change your plants set. Play around with different set of plants, add a new shade of green, or krotons or a red syngonium at your convenience. Easy Flexy, isnt it!

Plant Trolley


    Measurements :

    L-30", W-14", H-18"

    Material: Salwood trays for planters, and flat tray to be used as tea trolley; Mild Steel legs with wheels

    Color: White Patina finish

    Park the indoor air purifying plants in this trolley in the living room or bedroom, and move them to the balcony once in a while for a few days of sun. Or park the deep tray in the balcony with the pots and plants and use it as a tea trolley or a buffet trolley whn you have friends over for dinner.