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Green Decor Solutions

Aesthetic space-specific solutions for effective utilisation of under-used spaces

Think of it!

Are you using your space effectively? Does your living space give you joy?

The Walls, the Floor, the Railings, even the Roof – all these spaces can be turned into an oasis of natural beauty. Our space-specific solutions are designed by a team of product designers and architects whose combined expertise churns out innovative decor solutions keeping space utilisation as a major objective.

These design solutions not only augment spaces with their unique flavours but also transform negative zones into lively spaces resonating with nature’s positive energy.

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At Grecor, every solution evolves through a creative incubation process before passing through a practical test of “value” in the context of interior/exterior space.

What about ugly views of ducts, sanitary pipes and sticky seepage spots?

Our aesthetically designed screens not only hide these ugly spots but also transform them into utilitarian green veils.

Grecor leverages creative design sense & architectural experience of the team to offer green decor solutions which combine beauty and pragmatism. These solutions are classified into Floor Solutions, Flooring Arrangements, Wall Mounted Solutions, Hanging Solutions and Entrance Solutions.