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Today, our urban spaces need Green more than ever.

At Grecor, we envision that green becomes the primary colour of our living spaces. We aspire to infuse our pathways, common areas, public utility spaces, and tourist sites with Green–the colour that represents life itself.

We know that it’s a massive effort and practically impossible for any single body to effect lasting change.

But to achieve a big leap, we must take many small steps.

Grecor in its humble existence seeks to be part of this mission. Our team of designers is proactively engaged in supporting such programs that build a greater consciousness in society and encourage people at large to wilfully move towards a greener life.

We believe that a good design can transform an eyesore into a noticeable feature that pleases the heart and calms the mind. Our public spaces urgently need such transformation.

As a socially responsible organisation, Grecor is committed to supporting public and private organisations through green decor transformational ideas.

We encourage RWAs, Developers, Infrastructure companies and Government offices to contact us for free green design services.