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Contemporary Naturals

MRP:21,670 20,800
Save: 870 (4%)

    There is a growing trends towards contemporary looks. Create seamless indoor-outdoors to match your contemporary interiors. This green décor style contains unique mini hanging garden made from north east bamboo with a set of antique planters tinged with contemporary wall composition. We can customize this style for your space and add outdoor furniture of choice....

Green Elegance

MRP:32,370 30,900
Save: 1,470 (5%)

    Here is a hybrid contemporary setting with balance mix of fiber and metal planters composed in geometric shapes with predominant pristine whites. We can customize this style for your space and add outdoor furniture of choice. This is a DIY modular solution, however, .....

Green Serene

MRP:41,950 40,000
Save: 1,950 (5%)

    This stunning style predominantly uses simple elements like white planters and straight line shapes. You may consider this to match modern contemporary interiors of your home. Stylist has cleverly used white tones in this style to accentuate the colorful drama....

Modern'atives - Set of 6 Fibre Planters

MRP:15,100 14,500
Save: 600 (4%)

    We often get perplexed about small balcony makeovers.. task is relatively easier for large balconies or home gardens....But for tiny balconies we run out of ideas...This modern set-up uses fiber planters for railing, hanging and floor. Add you favorite set of wicker chair and table to it.