The shade of love for your favorite plants

Have you been contemplating growing house plants in your home, or a particular room, but haven’t got down to doing it because you think you don’t have enough light? Fear not! Some plants thrive in low light conditions and are also easy to grow. If you are not sure what kind of light you have, consider this: A south-facing room will be flooded with light if it has lots of windows. Medium light could be experienced in an east or west facing room. North-facing rooms or rooms with no windows are obviously considered low-light rooms. If your room has no apertures, you should leave your lights on twelve hours a day, or rotate low-light plants into the room for a few weeks at a time before moving them back to a naturally lit room. Try some of these for a light and plant show at home.

Cornstalk Plant
Cornstalk Plant

Corn Plant – Also known as Cornstalk plant (Botanical name – Dracaena Fragrans), it requires easy and low light. A much-preferred plant for many households and offices, the corn plant grows up to about 6 feet indoors and looks outstanding in a fairly large room. This plant will grow best in bright light conditions, but it adapts to low light as well. Like others of its kind it’s a slow growing plant that requires low maintenance and can generally tolerate neglect. Worst things to do to the corn plant would to be over water it, place it in direct sun for too long or let it get too cold. Do remember, however, that the Cornstalk plant could be toxic to cats and dogs and so, take care to park the plant out of their reach.

Mother-in-Laws Tongue or Snake Plant
Mother-in-Laws Tongue or Snake Pla



Mother-in- Laws Tongue–Another living being that can survive in easy and low light. The mother in laws tongue (also known as snake plant, Botanical name- Sensevieria Trifasciata) is a flowering genus which is primarily grown for its slick looking long leaves. This plant takes its own time to grow and develop and almost anyone can grow this undemanding plant because of its low or high sun light tolerance and ease of watering.



Parlor Palm
Parlor Palm

Parlor Palm – Another popular option that could be a perfect fit for your home or workspace interiors is the Parlor Palm (Botanical Name: Chamaedorea Elegans). This easy-to-care, slow growing variety of palm can make a beautiful addition to your interiors adding a feathery grace with its beautiful leaflets and curvaceous fronds. Growing up to a height of just 3-4 ft., this plant thrives well in a low-to-moderately lit space. Though it is tolerant to lack of light and the dry indoor air, it best grows in a high humidity environment. As part of the plant care regime, do remember to mist the leaves from time to time to increase humidity, keep the leaves gleaming and avoid an attack from red spider mites! Plant your parlor palm in a well-drained pot and enjoy this Mexican elegance to the hilt!!

Once you are convinced about the curative and beneficial nature of plants, you’ll be inspired to get your green thumb on. 

  • Plants combat pollution indoors
  • Plants help fight infections and colds
  • Plants make you calmer and happier
  • Plants enhance goal achievements

These houseplants are perfect for anyone with little or no natural sunlight.

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