Styling Tips to Transform Your Balcony or Terrace into a Peaceful Zen Retreat

Balconies and terraces add lungs to the overall house layout. Despite the fact that we all pay huge money for balconies & terraces, still they remain the most neglected and underutilised spaces in a house, often providing storage to inessential and mundane things. So, are you doing your balcony just as well as the interiors or interior design of your house or apartment. Especially for the urban apartment styled living, balconies are the only “outdoors” per se.

patio-2-1244260Given the hustle-bustle of the daily life, a peaceful enclave is what one yearns for. The challenge that a household and their Architect or interior designer faces is in transforming these often overlooked shaded alcoves of the house into beautiful and inviting spaces.

Even the smallest of apartment balconies can be metamorphosed into exclusive sanctuaries to retreat into. A number of balcony ideas can be employed to add some character and style to the balcony or terrace extensions and make them the most endearing place in your homes. You can easily take your home décor a step further with a Zen-inspired balcony and give yourself a space to be one with nature.

the-stones-263661_960_720Oriental gardens are known the world over for their natural ornamentation made of wood or stone with some water element. It makes a good choice to use one of these to feature in your balcony for a perfect Zen retreat. Here are some trending oriental décor ideas for your balcony and terraces:

Flooring & Railing: A marked feature of Zen décor is the flooring that is often in wood. While the balcony or the terrace may already have a vitrified tile or a stone floor, a wooden floor can be done in a select area that gives your balcony another zone and the right oriental flavour right from the onset. The right Wooden floor selected for outdoors is crucial. It is important to note that the wooden floor is as suited to the modern homes as the traditional ones and are fast trending for their naturalistic elegance.  You may also try an artificial grass turf bed for a part of your balcony which is quite maintenance free and give as good a feel as natural grass.

For the railing, try using bamboo poles for screening off your balcony or some live bamboo plants hedging the railings, without hindering your own visibility.

stones-1341223_960_720Furniture Style: Buy some good, Zen-style patio furniture. Oriental furniture is characterized by a low seating with plush cushions with a low-set coffee table. You may like to opt for hand-woven furniture that would suit a Zen décor perfectly. Invest in furniture that requires minimum maintenance, made up of durable material and preferably be water and UV resistant- given the Indian context.

Another good option could be making a comfortable niche in the balcony with two stone benches complete with embroidered cushions that showcase an oriental theme. Complement these with a small, low-set stone table topped with an interesting ceramic planter and some incense burners. Remember to keep things minimalistic!!

Planters & Pots: An important element in bringing Zen to your patio lies in a careful selection of the planters and pots that you would add in this area. For a perfect oriental style, choose petite, oblong planters in ceramic for the center table décor. For taller bushes and bamboos, try rock or stone planters. Interesting hanging pots and arrangements enhance the overall look of the balcony and make a suitable addition here. Add several small stone containers filled with chrysanthemums, poppies, or simple planting to make the look more enhanced or simply add a small floor tray with some pebbles and some green turf.

fountain-zen-1311754The Water Element: Water is an important element in the Zen way of thought and hence a fountain or perhaps a small bird bath can work the décor well! Water adds the Zen calm and gives your balcony a oneness with nature.

Beautifying Your Balcony Wall: Zen wall art is a growing rave! While figurines add to some style to corners and table tops, good works of art brighten up your walls with the perfect Zen effect and make the whole Zen balcony idea come alive. Invest in some good wall arts and give the oriental touch to your balconies. If you stay in South Delhi or Gurgaon or its vicinity in NCR, you may check out on some of the most innovative wall arts in terracotta (clay) created by Grecor’s designers at our Store at Nature Bazaar, Dastakar or at website

Adding the Zen Ornamentation! Just make sure that you do not overdo. Keep everything in neat lines and opt for a minimalist decor. Add a dash of Zen with some perfumed candles, organic incenses and of course few other sculptural Zen elements like a Buddha bust or a hanging bamboo well! Finish off your balcony styling with some hanging paper lanterns and patio chimes.

zen-bell-2-1498575For those who live in apartments or penthouses, or have limited outdoor space for themselves, a good alternative could also be to turn your balcony into a plush oriental garden, thus maximizing the small space to create a relaxing “outdoor”!

Just style your balcony and terraces and enjoy a peaceful calm Zen retreat right at your home. Stay connected at for most innovative balcony makeover ideas and terrace gardening ideas!

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