Some Absolutely Doable Tricks to Green-It-Up!

To begin with, Green is a beautiful colour. It not just soothes the eyes, but also brings along a chain of things positive and bright. If wisely incorporated in your house, it gives the impression of being a welcoming family. There is no scientific answer to it, but the vibrancy of green quickly takes you back to the energy of active, growing kids.

This post of ours is about how you can merge Green in your house without appearing biased for the colour. After all, you don’t want your wisely-done house to give an impression like Green is JUST a favourite colour, and nothing more. The very purpose of opting for green is to get closer to nature. What could be better than bringing home some plants then!

Absolutely Doable Tricks to Green


Here’s our list of fancy ways to incorporate houseplants into your home, do not forget to give them a read…

    1. Bring a touch of nature and luxury together into your living room. Use rich textiles for carpets, cushions and curtains, and see how they transform the very ambiance of a room.
    2. A little plants in the bedroom can bring a lot of magic. They always look classy, whether in tiny pots, or in the form of hanging creepers. Leafy decor is always a hit.
u can get complementing candle-stands and cushions too, there is nothing else you’d need. You can always find space for a corner that’s just as energetic as your kids!

Absolutely Doable Tricks to Green

  1. If you have wrought iron furniture, you sure have a classy vintage taste. But that doesn’t mean you have to distance yourself from the royalty that green decor is. Get some printed cushions with floral patterns, and even better if it is made of a natural fabric like linen. That will add to the calming effect that nature has on us.
  2. You can always play around with some smart decor and give a room the illusion of being even more spacious than its actual size. Using light shades gives a spacious feel to the room, and having a green palette is just a degree wiser! First thing, the wall behind the bed, the room’s main wall, can be painted a pretty shade of green, perhaps like a cardamom if that suits your taste. Next, keep the rest of the walls a decent shade of off-white.
The next thing we’d suggest is completely optional, since it depends on your funds and the item’s availability. Try to find a four-poster bed for this space. That will give the illusion of a room within a room.

Absolutely Doable Tricks to Green

  1. If you want a nice, easy place to unwind after a long and tiring day at work, fret not! A warm hue of green (or even blue) is a beautiful way to do up your living room. Do not get too experimental with the shades here, and prefer to get all four walls painted in the same one. After all you don’t wish to think too much for appreciating the beauty around, do you?
  2. These tips may be easier for you to adopt if you are planning to redo your home. But what if there is no remodeling around the corner? Well, you can still go green. Simply replace a few articles of furniture with their ‘more natural’ counterparts. Ditch the classy cabinet for a basic side table made of wooden planks. Want some more green glam? Paint it green. Kids bored of that study table you just bought? Well, spend just about no cash and hang a green display board right above the table. Then tag their photos from school moments and family holidays on this board. Trust us when we say this will soon become their most favourite corner in the house!
  3. When working on color-centric decor, it becomes important to strike just the RIGHT color combination. Green can be teamed with several colours, but if you wish to draw the maximum benefit out of it, go pastel. Yes, pastel greens can be partnered with pastel greys, dull creams, even pastel pinks and purples. You will be amazed by what versatility you’d have struck by going pastel with green. Play around with these combinations on a room-to-room basis, and you’d want to thank us for how much livelier it will suddenly appear!

So this was it. There can, of course, be a thousand more ways you can Green-it-up. Let’s begin with these, and see how far the thinking can go. Good luck with it!

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