Soil Mix for Plants in a Ceramic Pot! Does it really matter?

Did you know: A plant will never die of under-watering, but will definitely die of over-watering?

A porous and nutrient-rich soil is, thus, indispensable for the health and survival of any plant. Porous soil allows water to readily seep into the deeper layers, helping plants to form healthier roots that enable them to take up more nutrients from the soil. In addition, it also dries out early preventing root rot. A non-porous soil holds water for long duration and in a non-breathable pot like a ceramic or plastic pot does not allow breathing or evaporation through the pot material. As a result, plant roots begin to rot because of over-watering.

Terracotta, being porous, is a favorite home to our green companions for this very reason, allowing appropriate room for breathing and evaporation. However, pots of other materials such as ceramic and metal lack this porosity leading to an unhappy and unhealthy plant sitting inside a beautiful pot, struggling for its survival.

At Grecor, our team of landscape design experts always wanted to provide green lovers a solution to this challenge. While we couldn’t have done away with ceramic and metal pots for the essential aesthetics that they add to any decor, we decided to focus on improving the soil mix to compensate for proper aeration and water clogging, especially for these planters. With this in mind, our horticulture experts put their minds together to develop “Rich Soil Mix”.

Rich Soil Mix” is a pot mix that is balanced in every way to help green lovers with their plants. This soil mix is suitable for small pots of up to 7-inch diameter and is an ideal solution for those who are unable to attend to their plants frequently. The soil composition is such that it can hold water for up to 3-days without damaging the roots.

Now that Monsoon has arrived, use the Rich Soil Mix for your plants in ceramic or plastic pots and enhance your the beauty of your balcony and terrace decor. This soil is available at our Dastakar store at South Delhi on the outskirts of Gurgaon. Grecor organises interior and outdoor decor sessions at South Delhi, Gurgaon and a few other places in the NCR, so stay in touch!

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