Small Balcony Gardens: Big at Beauty Quotient!

Just when the rains arrive, our hearts crave to have some plants around us. After all, it is our basic instinct to be close to Mother Nature. But the concrete jungles we live in have no space to make our gardens. In all, the urge remains unsatisfied.


Here are a few tips:

Know your location

Wherever you wish to grow your garden, check beforehand if it gets a good amount of sunlight, for about 4-6 hours. Having casters at home is an option too, so that you can relocate your plants as per the amount of sun needed across the year. To utilize the sun wisely, grow the shortest plants nearest to the sun, and the taller ones behind them. In that arrangement, each plant will get its fair share of sunlight.

Use containers


Do some research on the plant beforehand. Understand how tall and wide it becomes with time, how deep do the roots go, how hardy is it, whether it will survive the extreme variations in temperature that we have. Then go ahead and make your choice. Find out which seeds you have to get, read the important information on the packets.

Railings & Walls Greens are the new buzzwords


There is no reason why that small balcony cannot have your fill for greens all around. Now, there are railing planters and vertical wall greens available where you can park your houseplants as well as your flowering seasonal varieties. There are innovative, avant-garde options like planter shelvesjharokha shelves and wood trays, which not only create space for planters but also add a new element of decor to your balcony. Now, that’s a bonus! You could choose as per your preference for a particular style like modern, rustic or antique, or something that is in sync with your interiors decor. Go ahead, take your pick!



Choosing accessories for plant pots and plants is an important part of garden decor, just as selecting that shade of pink was, when you had done up your interiors! That’s where the fun is, isn’t it! Put on your design hat, only this time, its your outdoor design hat in place of interior design one. Get those colourful hanging T-lights, diffusers, bird feeders/ bird baths to complete the look.

Soil needs some toil


The right kind of soil is halfway between clay and sandy soils. To find out which kind of soil you have, try making a ball out of it by rolling it between your palms. If you end up with a neatly done ball, yours is clay. If the ball doesn’t form altogether, it is sand. But if it becomes a ball and breaks apart with equal ease, you have loam, just the right one you need.

Feed your soil

All right growths require that the soil be fertile. In a small space, it becomes even more important. You may have to add lots of organic compost. Since it is a small space garden, you cannot rely on spacing them out to fetch the best results. To make up for that, it is important to have your soil perfectly prepped up. Keep fertilizing it often, about once in between growing seasons. Remember to use only good quality compost and organic soil amends.

Grow ’em upwards


When you can’t grow out, grow them up! It is easy to train your crops to grow along with poles, trellises, or any other kind of support. So when you are shortlisting which plant species to get for your small balcony garden, remember to opt for the kinds that can be trained easily. To offer you some quick help, cucumber, peas and bougainvillea are good ‘learners’.

Succession Planting


It is a technique that requires you to grow the same crop every few weeks. It not just makes the most of your soil’s tendency, but also gets you plenty of your favorites. Lettuce leaves are usually the most opted for this since they grow quickly.

Companion Planting

If you happen to live at South Delhi, Gurgaon or else where in the NCR, you may consult some of the best architects, interior designers and landscape experts.

Happy planting!

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