Landscaping Your Outdoors In Antique Style!

Outdoors not just reflect as an extension of one’s home interiors. Rather, they are the first impression that one gets of your complete home decor idea and style. Careful selection of the landscaping design thus becomes oimportanct in making a style statement. A lackluster outdoor can make your whole décor story go awry.

So get your design and style ideas together and spend some time in making your outdoor speak for you. Whether just a landing space to your apartment or a small home garden in front of your house, add a dash of style to your overall design appeal.

planter-1419054While many design thoughts are afloat, the old-world charm still weaves its magic through. Yes, Antique is in! Weave the vintage story for your outdoors with some antique drama! Try some of these easy tips to step down the memory lane into times bygone! Bring the antique design element to your outdoor landscape design.

Make way for ornate planters & urns: Antique planters– right from the ornately designed vintage rock or metal planters to wooden plant pots– add a charm to your outdoor space. Landscape your exteriors with some carelessly placed urns and see the magic come alive. Yes, urns strewn across the garden or outdoor space -sometimes placed on a stone pedestal- or even some flanking your entrance or walkway can make for an ideal eye-catcher for your exteriors.  Hang some antique-styled hanging planters for the look!

 flower-barrow-1330065Add some vintage-styled outdoor structures: Outdoor structures like antique wrought-iron gates or other structures like an antique wall frame with shelves to place your pots for plants, add a unique vintage elegance to the outer space of your homes. Just leave one leaning against one of your walls and help a creeper frame it for a majestic vintage-styled entrance. Another unique and antique styled wall décor may include a classic styled wall frame with “jali” or the quintessential antique jharokhas to give you the medieval feel!

If you happen to be fond of a simple classic decor, adding a white picket fence with some petunias and bulbs works up an instant charm for your terrace gardens or entranceway!!

litle-fountain-1221845Stylizing with outdoor ornamentals:  If you are looking for some antiquated treasures, try some local antique shop or one of the flea markets that can turn up some astounding variety of recycled outdoor ornamentals to upgrade your outdoor décor at economical costs. You may want to try dressing up your outdoors with some of the old and frayed garden tools to add a unique, aged appeal to the exteriors.

 Antiquating with figurines: Add some drama to your outdoors with some small or even large antique figurines. Antique statuaries add just the right antique flavour to the overall décor. And, do not forget to add the old world grace with some antique furniture like a wooden table and chair set or simply a wrought-iron or stone bench to mark your outdoor space and make it look more inviting!

The antique style for outdoor landscaping provides you a unique way to inspire with its mélange of collectibles and antique trinkets like antiquated watering cans and typical vintage flower barrows to bring the old times live for the urban living. Grecor design team specialises in  antique  decor and  those of you who are based in South Delhi, Gurgaon or rest of the NCR  may benefit from  free  design session.  You may also visit our exclusive outlet at Dastakar on MG Road new Gurgaon.

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