Houseplants to Keep Mosquitoes Away

Shoo Mosquitoes Away with Houseplants:

The days haveĀ got longer. The face of the earth getsĀ covered with fresh leaves and blossoms. Spring arrives and opens doors to all things warm, bright and beautiful. The kids rush out and request their mothers to stay out till late. And ladies would sternly hush them inside, to keep them safe from the mosquitoes. But are they actually safe inside the home? Are our homes mosquito-proof? We doubt.

So what do you do then? You buy all kinds of chemical gels, strips, cans, bottles and electronic devices that claim to be ‘mosquito-repellent’. But the truth is a far cry from it. These chemical substitutes may be doing a fantastic job at keeping mosquitoes at bay, but they are exposing you and your family to several things that are far more harmful in the long run than a mosquito bite. But as it always happens, when science and technology begin to collapse, nature comes to the rescue. Look around, spot a suitable corner, and fetch any (or all) of these houseplants that repel mosquitoes the natural way.

  1. Marigold

What is it in chemical deterrents that mosquitoes can’t stand? It’s Pyrethrum. If there’s one common flowering plant that will keep your home stuffed with the good effects of Pyrethrum, it has to be the marigold. The bright yellow flowers have a fragrance that repels the little bugs, and are a visual treat to the eye as well. To play around with this pop of colour, you can grow them on the borders of a flower bed.

Marigold 1
Marigold Flower
  1. Basil

This one goes out to the ladies who love to cook. The much-loved herb, that is a must in all Italian delicacies, makes for an excellent mosquito repellent too. There are several breeds of basil which you may come across, and all are equally delectable for your recipes. You may pick any of the available kinds and plant in your house. And if you want an expert advice, a gardener would recommend lemon basil or cinnamon basil owing to their strong aroma. So what’s cooking tonight, eh!

  1. Lavender

We all have heard of lavender lotions, spas and essence. The reason is, it has a fragrance that acts as a stress-buster by calming the senses. But did you know that the pretty purple flowers also work as natural mosquito repellents too? Well, now you do. Grow them indoors near a window, or outside in your flower bed. It will not just fill your home and hearts with a mild scent, but also keep the mosquitoes at bay. Psst. Use some while brewing your herbal tea, you will love us back.

  1. Peppermint

If you don’t wish to scratch, etch or tear off your skin after a big-bite, we’ve got a better, decent way out. Fetch some peppermint leaves, and rub them directly on the affected area. It will soothe the itching sensation. Now you know the kind of effect peppermint can have! If this much wasn’t enough, peppermint makes for a great additive to your recipes too. Plant some peppermint, and bring home the smell and taste everyone loves. To our relief, these are the things that keep mosquitoes at bay. Enjoy the advantage you have over those bugs!

  1. Rosemary

If you’re a food buff, and have eaten lamb and fish, you surely recognize that indicative tinge of rosemary in both the foods. This herb is a favourite in the culinary circle, and has won the hearts of food lovers across the globe. But that doesn’t overpower the other goodness it possesses. Grow some in your home, and see how the mosquitoes shun away from your territory.

Lemon Balm


  1. Lemon Balm

If you haven’t been very friendly with plants and don’t know much about the nitty-gritty of gardening, it is advisable that you begin indoor planting with a hardy plant, one that survives well on occasional sunlight and drought-like watering frequency. And Lemon Balm is just that. It is a member of the mint family, and is also known as Horsemint and Beebalm. It’s an aggressive one, and takes over all the space you give it. So either confine it to a pot, or let it grow in your garden and overtake everything else. Want bonus? It is a great add-on for your herbal tea also!

Garlic Flowers
  1. Garlic

Ever imagined that the most common ingredient you have been eating (and loving) in all your Chinese and Italian foods could be a great mosquito repellent too? If you have young kids who love chowmein and pasta, then don’t think twice before getting yourself some garlic growth. Your kids will not just be happy, but healthy too. And you know why! *wink*

This is our list of some of the most known plantations that are ideal for indoors, and qualify as great mosquito repellents too. We need not convince you on how important (and graceful) it is to have houseplants. But here we have a handy list for you too. Go ahead, visit the closest plant nursery and get yourself any of these. We will await your review on how it has helped to keep your home mosquito-proof.

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