Houseplants: New ‘members’ to your Home

Lives are changing fast. The hectic work cultures and demanding lifestyles have left us all with very little time to spend together. How many hours do you, as an individual, get to spend with your entire family at once in your home? Very few, right? In this scenario, we need not bring your attention to how important it has become to have a happy, healthy, hearty environment at home.

If spent close to nature, even an hour of dining together can be your favourite part of the day. Houseplants are increasingly becoming a part of our houses. They aren’t a piece of furniture that rest in a corner of the house until we need them. Instead, they need to be attended every few hours, owing to their natural requirements of sunlight and water. It is no overstatement to term them as our fellows, our family members.

Trust us, the benefit of clean air at home is very much underrated, but it won’t be so anymore! Here is a list of four houseplants that not just change the overall appearance of your house by giving it that pretty tint of green, but also purify the air and bring that magic feel to your home.

  1. Snake Plant

Also known as Mother-in Law’s Tongue (Botanical name: Sensevieria), we all have seen these sword-shaped leaves with yellow or white edges… in the backyard, parks, and fancy house pots. The reason, they can grow just about anywhere. They don’t ask for much light or water, so their survival isn’t very difficult. While almost all plants convert carbon dioxide into clean oxygen during the day, the snake plant works on the same track even at night. Get one for your bedroom today!

Sensevieria2 600px
Snake Plant or Mother-in-laws Tongue
Snake Plant
  1. Rubber Plant

The thick-leafed plants not just visually grace any corner you put them in, but also purify the air around. Yes, Science approves of it. What could work in your favour is that these grow well even in little light and maintenance. To add up to the ease, their cleansing action specifically targets formaldehyde, which is a dominant part of the glue that holds your furniture together. So these make for a great corner of your house’s living room, or office space.

Rubber Plant
  1. Spider Plant

If you are a little experimental with your home decor, spider plants (Botanical name: chlorophytum comosum) could be the best catch for you. Ask us how? Well, you could, of course, grow them in usual pots and put them in a corner of your room. Besides, you could grow the little ones in see-through glasses and put them on your dining table. And you can also use them in pretty pots and hang them next to your windows. Stunning they are! And if you need a little more push before buying some, NASA has testified them amongst the best air-purifying plants.

Spider Plant

So this was it. Get yourself some ‘green’ company from our list, and you’d see how it transforms what Home means for you. Not just the air will feel cleaner and fresher, the overall quality of the time spent together wo

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