Home Décor Ideas for Festival Season

Anticipation of festival season is growing with each passing day as time is ticking towards the October month. It is the most hectic time of the year when all we want to think of is celebrations, shopping, and of course, home decor! Excited, huh!

It is an involved exercise for all family members as they try to understand the trending home decor ideas, plan and set a budget and then start the action.

But in all the festive excitement, mind is pre0ccupied with home décor and related thoughts. What is always at the back of the mind is suitable décor ideas which optimise planned budget and available space at your home!

final render.

Restructuring and repositioning is always challenging, especially in case of apartments. Unless one has decided to completely restructure the home décor, for a middle class family annual exercise is about some incremental décor. It not only involves what to buy new but what all to retain, so it turns out to be a balancing act between looks and budget.

Let us get you some expert help from Grecor’s team of interior and outdoor designers that can help you to plan and achieve the best home decor this season without having to overstep your budgets or compromise on the aesthetics! Give your homes and outdoors a luxurious, lively and unbeatable designer look with some of these easy tips straight from the one of the best team of designers and landscape experts in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and elsewhere in the NCR.

To start with, let’s identify and address planning for unused nooks and corners. Every modern apartment has several such places be it at the entrance of the house,

some indoor corners or balconies. Once these places are augmented the living space look bigger, better and more spacious. When the living space is well laid out, it not only looks better and is easy to maintain, but it is also more energetic.

To top it, while most of us keep all our energies and ideas to the interiors, it is a gross mistake to ignore the outdoors. As you redo your homes this festive season, remember that exteriors are but a reflection of interior spaces – a body to the soul that is your home. Moreover, thoughtfully planned outdoor space can help solve your biggest agony – the space crunch!!


Design experts at Grecor strongly recommend the “outdoor living room” concept to increase the utility of an otherwise wasted and ignored spaces like balconies and terraces. A well-done outdoor such as your balcony, terrace, garden or patio or one that is integrated with the interior décor to serve as an extension of your living space can not only help you save on precious space, but also serves as a niche for a quiet retreat or a happening lounge for family and social activities -from family meals to hosting the much-awaited Diwali party!


To put it more crisply, a well planned space and décor that emphasizes on exteriors as much on interiors will make you and your family feel happy. So, this festive season, let’s make your family happy with these space planning and décor tips as you go about reorganizing your interiors and rejuvenating the outdoors in preparation for the forthcoming festive time!

 Some useful space planning tips…

Most reorganizations and makeovers do not start with a clean slate. Rather, space plans for such areas takes shape within an already existing shell. Locations of doors and windows, beams, electrical shafts, AC vents and partitions form major considerations as you plan your existing space. When planning any space, try to maintain its functionality while enhancing its looks. Look out for smaller, functional spaces within the larger space, and make the best use of these areas.


It is best to place properly scaled (neither too large nor too small) furniture groups and organize them in clean, straight lines with enough space between these and paths to travel around in the rooms, for spacing between these encourages social interaction. For instance, for the living room, the sofas, coffee table, chair and end tables are a furniture group and these need to be oriented in relation each other. Leave enough room for people to walk between the wall and the pieces of furniture and keep all such pathways unobstructed.

Using Greens for indoor & outdoor decor
While space planning, many people make the common design mistake of making room for plants and planters as an after-thought. Placement of plants and other natural elements should be borne in mind even in the planning phase as it has an amazingly warm and spirited effect on the overall design aspect of the space the moment you add them to the space. Plants not only add freshness but also make any space, whether indoor or outdoor, look lush and complete. You would indeed be glad with the new level of design that your living space achieves thanks to the green magic!


Plants are also an amazing way to do away with negative spaces. If it is an AC vent that is bothering you, try adding a green screen with some hanging planters on a lattice screen in front of it.

Got a nook not fit for placing a furniture piece and spoiling your overall room aesthetics? Let the magic of greens add some life to it. You can go for a terracotta floor planter with an ornamental plant like palm to liven it up or add a floor arrangement.


Most of us, with our busy schedules and the inflated cost of living burning holes into our pockets, do not have the leisure that our earlier generations had to go for a paint job just before every festive season sets in. Plants offer a great way to cut down on the exorbitant paint job costs. Just try one of the wall compositions that use beautiful, colored wall-mounted planters to camouflage a bad or dull wall. Green wall arts also make great additions to any room.

 Making your balcony an extension of your living room

Another great way of planning for some space is to make way for an outdoor living room. Just extend your 
living room decor
 to cover your balcony as well and have a living room right under the open sky! Worried about people peeping in? Add a bamboo screen to the area of the balcony that overlooks a neighbour’s house or balcony and you have your own


private space ready to entertain guests. Grecor comes with some exclusive railing planters that you can use to enhance the look of your new outdoor living room.

Just accentuate your balcony space with some lights and your balcony-cum-outdoor living room is all set to host guests and friend & family for a vibrant, green Diwali party.

 Accessorizing your living space


 While greens add nature to the overall décor, it is important that your living space reflects your style and personality. Hence, it becomes important that you accessorize your living space efficiently, thereby adding to your decor.

Add the correct assortment of decorative artifacts like t-light holders hanging around, add a dash of nature with some green turf on the balcony floor and a bird-bath or bird house to make the place look homely and inviting. For the living room, add the water element with an aesthetically placed water fountain in a corner. Accessorize your entrance and foyer with a floor arrangement comprising varied sized terracotta pots and metallic planters in bright shades. Try and place these decorative objects in thoughtful groups rather than individually strewn across the room. By arranging your décor accessories in this manner, you create highlight areas that make great eye-catchers.


If you are at a loss, try Grecor.in for some great decor accessories and decorative display ideas.


This festive season, go all out in transforming your homes, while still keeping in trend and within budget with these simple to apply and maintain décor tips. Dabble in the festive fervor with a preparedness and a home that is customised to your taste and style.

South Delhi, Gurgaon and NCR residents may benefit from free consultation session with interior designers and landscape experts at Grecor. Grecor offers gamut of refreshing theme around innovative decor products and solutions. Grecor has ongoing schedule to organise home décor tips with a focus on green aesthetics all throughout the season at a popular exhibition venue- Dastakar, Nature Bazaar at M G Road South Delhi on the outskirts of Gurgaon. So stay tuned at www.grecor.in or drop an inquiry at hi@grecor.in

Happy Green Diwali!


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