Green Decor: Your Gateway to Complete Health

Bringing in houseplants is so much more than just doing up your home interiors. It not only beautifies the space, but also keeps a chain of mental and physical ailments at bay. After all, plants have a therapeutic effect of their own. Let us post you about them, and inspire you enough to get your green thumb on.

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Plants fight pollution

It is believed that indoor air is clean and pure, and keeps us safe from the threats that the outdoor pollution casts all day. But it is a saddening fact that the indoor air in some areas of the house may be upto 12 times more polluted than the air outside. It can be owing to the several compounds present in paints, furnishings, clothes and building materials. So where are we safe?

Well, just bring some plants inside, and you’re sorted. Studies suggest that some specific species can fight the pollutants in the home, and keep our health intact. This ability is called Phytoremediation.

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Everybody, even the young kids know that plants inhale the harmful carbon dioxide, and release oxygen. But it has been scientifically verified that they also eliminate the other harmful gases from the air. NASA conducted a research that showed houseplants detoxified about 87% of air in a duration of 24 hours. This goodness, of course, depends a lot on the species as well. Jasmine, Lavender and Spider Plant are some of the plants known to purify the air as well as reduce levels of anxiety and stress, thus allowing us a better quality of sleep.

Some plants undergo a reversal in their inhale-exhale preferences at night, and begin absorbing oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide, thus consuming your share of air. But a few species stick to the usual flow, and continue to clean the air even at night. Aloe Vera and Snake Plant (Mother-in-law’s Tongue) are among these, and make for great plants to be kept in the bedroom.

To understand how many plants you should have in the house to keep the air free of toxins, go with an average of one plant for every 10 yards of the house’s area.

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Negating smoke

This, in no sense, intends to encourage a bad habit that one may have. But we deem it our responsibility to bring it to your note that plants do not purify just the regular air of your home, but also the air infected with cigarette smoke. Smoking is harmful, the world knows it. Now we are aware that it is harmful even for those who do not smoke themselves but stay around those who do. Smoke inhaled because of the activity of cigarette smoking around you is called passive smoking. So if you are a smoker, or live with one, you can turn to the plant kingdom for help. The Peace Lily is an excellent choice, if you want to have our word.

Greenery keeps ailments at bay

In the process of transpiration, the plant roots tap the groundwater and turns into vapours through the leaves. About 10% of the moisture in the air comes through this process. The same works inside the home too, and is a boon for drier months. The rise in humidity they cause inside the house directly cuts down on dust component. Thus, to keep your home free of dry skin, colds, sore throat, dry cough, or alike, let them be a part of home.

Lowered blood pressure

As per a few studies (and of course, the general observations), the patients in hospitals recover faster when there are plants in their room. The healing effect is so much valid that they are discharged from their rooms before the expected dates. That is because plants help reduce a raised blood pressure and bring it down to normal. To add up, they promote a general sense of well-being. Why not bring this goodness to home with some smart green decor!

Better sleep quality

If you take time to fall asleep, or do not get a sound sleep and keep getting up in between, you may need to fix the problem. A sleep-deprived mind and body are just as good as sick. So, to retain your overall health, bring some plants into your bedroom. It will be an added advantage if they are aromatic as well. Because of their inhale-exhale mechanism, there is always a whiff of fresh air in the bedroom, thus promoting a good sleep. And aroma, well, that’s fancy!

Green means Happy

The studies of the American Horticultural Therapy Association suggest that plants in your vicinity not just keep you physically fit, but also affect psychological, emotional, mental and social health positively. Just like having yellow around makes you feel happy from within, green as a colour regulates a series of reactions. Foremost, it improves the sense of one’s self, thus increasing the self-esteem. It gets the happy hormones kick in, thus getting you into a better mood, fixing anxiety and depression. To add up, it infuses the feeling of calm, relaxation, stability and control.

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Green Decor= Healthy, Hale, Hearty

Having plants around you somehow chucks out half of your medical aid kit. Aloe Vera should be your go-to plant in case of burns. Arnica is a great healer for bruises and sprains. An upset stomach needs some chamomile love. Calendula takes gentle care of wounds and skin irritations.

But wait, there’s more!

Having plants around you in the house can make you think better. Not only the thoughts are better and happier, but also the clarity is so much better. Having the right tinge of Green in your home can improve your concentration and memory. These impacts further lead to achieving higher goals, and heightened attention. And of course, how can we forget, Green just acts as a magic wand for your creativity!

Just a minimal initial outlay and hardly any post-installation costs, opting for green decor could be the best decision you ever made. So what are you waiting for? Bring home enough of Green, and infuse Life into your life.

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