Get Back To Nature With 5 Best Trending Monsoon Home Decor Ideas


Now that we are at the fag-end of the monsoon, and earth looks heavenly with the bloom all over, it’s probably your last chance to get drenched and dance in the rains. If you are not “in” for that you may laze around, throw a “Pakora” party at your own balcony garden with your friends and families.

Yes! These are our last moments for the season to enjoy the pitter-patter of the raindrops, smell earthiness and experience the gentle fragrant breeze, let these experiences etch sweet memories in every hearts.

While the outside celebrates the heart-quenching monsoons, it is time to let the celebrations into our homes too. Well!

Believe it or not, a classy and trendy monsoon makeover is not only about improving the aesthetic value of your homes, but it also adds a touch of comfort and ease to your living spaces. So dive in with these easy tips from the team of some of the best interior designers and home décor experts Grecor and make your home décor trend this monsoon!

Accentuate Your Living Space With Some Color
While the overcast skies fill the heart with a distinctive nostalgia and an endearing expectation of pleasant weather, dull and gloomy indoors can be quite a dampener. This year prep up for some bright accents to enliven your living spaces. Vibrant hues of corals, pink and yellow are a great way to highlight your room décor. Let the radiance of your heart as you welcome the rains, show in your accentuated home décor.

Thankfully, there are a variety of ways you can add some drama to your home décor with colours. Here are some “must-attend-to” tips that can transform even to most dreary-looking room into a monsoon delight.

  • Add some eye-catching wall accents: It may seem a little overboard to go all out with a change in the interior colours, not to mention not a very economical one either! Wall paintings, too, while a connoisseur’s delight, can be an equally expensive way to add some richness to walls.
  • So, at Grecor, we bring just the right thing to add oodles of colour to your interior walls. Grecor’s colourful wall accents in metallic textures are just what is needed to make your room look bright!
  • Living wall arts. These minimalistic art forms with their dash of green have really caught on well with the urban crowd.
  • Wall shelves with some pots of greens can also add to the beauty while bringing some colour to the walls.
  • Introduce some colorful pottery: Introduce your individualistic panache and colour to your home by integrating some colourful pottery with your interior décor. Invest in one from the assortment artistically designed ceramic pots and planters from the green décor hub- Grecor. Place these against a dull coloured wall or a vacant corner with some plants to give some texture and splash of colour to your living space.
  • Brighten rooms with some artificial lighting: Rains often make the interiors sunlight-deprived and hence a little dark. Try replacing your regular white light with some yellow ones to soften the room angles and add to the rain-romance. Invest in some trendy floor lamps to go with your home décor.

Strive For A Functional Décor

bed-OKYes! This monsoon try going with a functional décor. Start with a makeover for your upholstery. Floral is in this season, so go for light synthetic fabric in floral print with big flowers to do up your living space.  You can use the floral theme for sofas, curtains, table linens and even bedsheets. Mix, match and pop up bright colored cushions against your sofas to add some coziness to the room. Here are some tips to help you with making your aesthetics and décor as functional as possible in an economical way!

  • It’s the time of the year to give your expensive carpets some rest. Replace these with some bright, lightweight rugs or even durries. These would be easier to maintain and clean. Use bright rugs to replace expensive carpets.
  • tiles-1478499_1280Give your room a sense of oneness with the outdoors with some sheer, gauzy curtains in synthetic fabric. These give your rooms a sense of airiness and keep the rooms breezy.
  • Another great way to add to your monsoon décor is to accessorize with some essential pieces that can be functional for the season, while making a bold décor statement. A great example is getting yourself an umbrella stand to place near the entrance. You can also use a large earthen pot or a tall floor planter to work as an umbrella stand and add one or two colourful umbrellas for a fun style accent. Add a thick coir doormat as well to the entrance to keep the slush outside your home. Another highly functional décor piece during this time of the year is a shoe rack to keep your dirt-filled footwear out of sight.

Break Away From Regular Furniture For A More Monsoon-friendly Furniture

swing-in-rainFor years, monsoons have been associated with swings. Remember those childhood days, when you could find swings being tied to the branches of trees with the arrival of the rains. This year bring those childhood days back and let your hearts sway to the rhythm of the drops like peacocks celebrate rains. Break away from the regular balcony furniture and add a monsoon-friendly wooden swing to your terrace or balcony to bring back the old memories.

Add a bright-colored bean bag or two to your living room to add some brightness to it.

Accessorize Your Interiors To Make Them Monsoon-ready

To add to the overall décor and make your home picture-perfect ready for monsoon, don’t forget to add some traditional charm with some fragrant candles and t-lights. Rains often bring a mustiness to the home. Add some t-lights in t-light holders and hang them around the house. These aromatic candles can help evade the mustiness and make your home feel fresh and sweet-smelling like the rain-drenched earth outside!! Besides, they also infuse an additional lighting to accent the colours in your décor. What can be more enthusing than a romantic dinner by candles with the rain splashing on your window screen from outside!

Introduce the sound of music to the décor with some wind-chimes hanging in the window or the balcony. Let the sweet notes of the swaying wind-chimes coincide with the pitter-patter of the raindrops to add to the mood and reignite sweet memories from youth.

Go Organic, Go Green

tiles-1478500_1280Monsoons are that time of the year that makes your home even more beautiful and inviting if you have some greenery around. The lushness that greens impart to the décor mixed with the cool touch of the spray of tiny raindrops sets the perfect note for a rainy day at home. Prepare balcony garden for monsoon with some green turf on the floor.

Bring the outdoors into your home with some innovative planters from Grecor. Add these to your balcony and plant some geraniums to add a splash of colour to your balconies. Monsoons are the best time to plant some creepers and climbers. Make use of the lovely collection of hanging planters at Grecor to introduce some money plants and other plants from the roof of your balcony.

If your balcony is not expansive enough, here’s a splendid décor tip for you. Just open up your living room window and place some bamboo shoots in box planters on the sill. Place a pair of cane chairs in front of the window and accentuate the coffee table with an exquisite-looking table planter. Your monsoon retreat for that cup of masala tea is ready!!

wall-416060_1280While doing up your exteriors for the monsoon, don’t forget to look in. Yes, indoor plants can add to the brightness of the interior décor. So, add a plant arrangement of attractive earthen pots and planters in a corner of the room to enliven it. Tall vases (or traditional urlis, too!) make for a good addition to balcony corner clusters. Live plants add a plethora of colors when added to an over-looked corner or juxtaposed against a dull-looking wall.

On a concluding note, be mindful to avoid whites & beiges this season. Go for bright interiors, make small additions to the décor like a floral upholstery for the sofas or bright coloured bed covers and drapes, to make the ambience of your homes welcoming and bespeaking of the monsoon fiesta all around!

If you are based out of South Delhi, Gurgaon or any where in the NCR then you must avail free consultation and decor ideas from some of the best interior designers and landscape experts at Grecor.

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