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Rustic Mix: Group of 5 item sets
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Rustic Mix: Group of 5 item sets

Pots & Planters

A mix of material media such as terracotta, bamboo, metal & ceramic blend together to give a rustic look to the outdoors. The apartment home garden comes alive with the coming together of these diverse materials with their raw appeal. You could choose to have colourful ceramic planters, should you want a brighter look to the home garden

Grecor is an exclusive garden decor platform for not just innovative pots & planters, also nature inspired interior design solutions for residences, offices and institutional buildings. For Inquiry and/or Consultation call us at +91 84479 32920 or write at

Products in this solution:

1 set of Ceramic Pots Wall Grid @ Rs.3600

1 Nos Earthen Perforated Vase In Brown Patina @ Rs.2450

1 Nos Earthen Large Squat Planter In Brown Patina Paint @ Rs.3450

1 Set of Bamboo Cluster Unit @ Rs.1150

Artificial Grass Turf - 25 square feet @ Rs.120 psf = Rs.3000

Grecor is a leading green decor specialist based out of South Delhi. We are currently serving Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, NCR and Powai Mumbai markets for end-to-end turnkey green decor services. Grecor is the most liked brand for Green Decor in the year 2016 by customers, interior designers and architects.

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Products in this solution

Ceramic Pots Wall Grid


Earthen Perforated Vase in Brown Patina


Earthen Large Squat Planter in brown patina paint


Artificial Grass Turf