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Earthen Perforated Vase In Brown Patina


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    Material: Terracotta

    Color: White & Brown Patina


    H-19in; Dia-11in

    Designer's advice - "The traditional Indian vase is a center-piece anywhere you keep, be it the center of your atrium or hallway or the stairwell. Together with cane sticks or bamboo poles, the vase provides a new dimension of traditional Indian décor by bringing together unique patterns in white & brown patina"

Item description

This elegant Vase is perfect for your corner décor. Combine with tall bamboo sticks and twigs to create an earthy corner. Grecor offers the most comprehensive range of green decor products and it offers makeover services. For advice please contact us at : +91 9599510555

Warranty - Customer should check the quality at the time of receiving the delivery of the item. No warrantees are assumed and product is delivered on "as is where as basis".

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