Your home tells the story of who you are

The foundations of a good home design gives out a clear understanding of who you really are. Your home is your heaven, but it’s also an impressive canvas to celebrate your lives – past and present. The seeds of your history are entrenched throughout your home. The things that matter most to you are collected and assembled all in one space. Maybe it’s something you bought from a flea market with the best friend, or from a long ago trip to some distant shore, or something you grew up with. Everything holds a memory of one kind or another. And, we believe every home ought to do that very same thing-tell the story of the people that live there.

And we know that a good story shows rather than tells.

Hop on for a journey. Can our home stake us all on a journey? Can our homes tell us about a journey from the living room to the kitchen? Can our homes tell us what the weather is outside by the way the light falls on the floor? Can our homes mark the passage of time, as with furrows serrated on a doorframe indicating the growth of a child?

The first impression. Much like the cover of a book, the outdoors should be able to draw us in. It should make us want to learn more. It should beckon us to knock on the door and ask to be invited in.

More than style. It just means that style doesn’t matter. In fact, storytelling is immune to style and is totally style blind. Whether the home is traditional or modern, we are better for having learned its story.

Living Room Corner
Living Room Corner

No matter where you live, be it a rental or an owned space, it’s always desirable to strive to make it yours and create a home that tells your story.




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