Your Home Office is now Green!

The liberty to conduct office from our own homes, at least sometimes, is really the need of our times. It has changed our lives and has opened up new opportunities. Now we don’t always begin our day with the hustle and bustle of the city roads. We just login from our laptops sitting in the convenient corner of our homes, and there we are, at work in our virtual offices! Besides giving us a convenience to work, it has also helped towards controlling or at least diminishing the problem of ever-increasing traffic and pollution on the roads.

In that scenario, it becomes even more important to keep a check on how much ‘pollution’ we are facing while working from home. It is important to remember that pollution is not just the visible fumes our cars emit into the air. The environment around us can be adversely affected by several other things and activities, and all of them should be controlled, even if our home is the new office.


We will share with you a few doable things which we can make your Home Office a green space to work in, and improve the quality of indoor environment, our and family’s health and their lives.

  1. ‘Shut Down’ your office

Untitled-1When the day at work ends, offices shut down and so do all electronic equipments, elevators and corridor lighting and so on, and the same must be followed when you have a Home Office. After all, when operating from home office, the electricity expenses are on your own pocket. To inspire you some more, a fact states that turning off a 75-watt monitor cuts down on 750 pounds of carbon emissions across the year.

  1. Go eco-friendly

IMG_7536Opt for the greenest electronics that fall in your budget range. There are several scales to find out which ones emit the least number of harmful radiations, or consume the least amount of electricity. Electronic Products Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) offers its listing to find out the same. There is a rating of 5 stars as well. The more stars an equipment has, the healthier it is for the environment.

  1. Use recycled paper

eu6As long as you can, avoid taking out any prints. Save on paper and electricity. But if you must, keep a stack of recycled paper in your Home Office. We’d still recommend that you do all your work digitally. Prefer to send and receive emails to review information instead of taking out prints. If followed widely, this can save thousands of trees over a large period of time.

  1. Second-hand is not sub-standard

1It is widely believed that pre-used items are not in a good condition. But if you look on some reliable platforms where sellers lay out their old keyboards, mouse, monitors, scanners, printers etc. on sale, you may come across a great bargain! Many of these electronics have been handled very decently and do not ask for too much servicing.

Every new device you buy means an old one being put into electronic trash somewhere. And every pre-used device you buy means a new one saved from production in a factory somewhere. And of course, you would be paying a mere fraction of the money you’d otherwise spend for a brand new machine. Smart, isn’t it?


  1. Deep Sleep isn’t for you alone

hibernateAnyone will agree that there are times you have to shut down your work and turn to that asks for immediate attention. So what do you do in that case? You probably leave your device working, because you don’t wish to lose out on the active tabs. And you’re returning in a while anyway. But since kids and family need their share of time, you end up spending an hour out of the Home Office, while your monitor is still on.

Do you know the wise way out? Opt for Hibernate mode. It shuts down your device completely, and does not consume any bit of energy. And when you start it, the same windows, applications and tabs open up.

So this was it, we have shared some handy tips for making your Home Office a healthy office. We hope following these will affect your work environment positively, and you’ll have a quality life at home as well!

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