Outdoor artwork

We’re so bothered with how to make the inside of our houses look beautiful that we often forget about the exterior. The fact is the exterior walls need just as much attention as the interior ones. Outdoor spaces like patios or a deck with comfortable poufs or bean bags on it would look more striking and appealing if they had been adorned with a little care.

You could opt for metallic, bamboo or wooden paneling as material options to bedeck your wall. Potted palms in the front could add to the look for a wonderful outdoor entertaining space. Wouldn’t this pose as the perfect setting for an al fresco sunset dinner with friends, or that special someone?

Another idea could be integrating art with plantings. The homeowners could hang a weather-resistant contemporary art piece on an enclosure wall to add to the mood. Variously colored shrubs in containers would just add to the exquisiteness.

Bamboo Zen
Bamboo Zen

There is another key part of your outdoor walls that gets overlooked most of the times and that is the garden fences. You could embellish it with interesting details. Garden fence is important to decorate it because it takes a big space in your garden. Fence wall art can be made with hanging pictures or with decorative plants. Also you could hang some garden tools that you could paint in different colors.

Handmade products could also be utilized to represent a unique style and vision. A floral sculpture made of plastic hangers or a rubber floor mat stylized to look and feel vintage could be hung on a wall. They are really easy to maintain, but also imposing. And they are definitely practical solutions to making the outdoor walls as pretty as the inside ones.

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