Indoor Plants: A Fancy Orbit

The quickest and easiest way to add a zing of life to your home is to add plants. And not just that, it doesn’t ask for too much cash at hand, and you end up with a healthier abode. But we often tend to get boring with this potentially exciting journey. Without exploring the other possibilities, we simply visit a nursery, get our hands on the chosen few plants, place them in earthen pots that suit our taste, and bring them home to grace a corner. But there’s so much more to indoor greenery than just pots. Let’s see what else can be done once you have made up your mind to bring texture to your home.

  1. Plant shelves

We all have those shelves in our houses which are quite high and add a sensible visibility to whatever we keep on them. But we can’t put daily-use items like groceries, utensils or kids’ toys on them, and neither are they fit to keep lesser-used and discarded items like old newspapers or broken pieces of furniture. So how do we use that space? Well, bring in the houseplants that don’t need daily maintenance, and place those pots on the shelves. Wise?


  1. Macrame Hangers

The name may sound tricky, but ever seen cute pots hanging with the ceiling in colourful fabric knitted into some fancy arrangements? Yes, they are called Macrame Hangers. These swinging beauties don’t just give much grace to balconies and windows, but also much content to the experimental hearts. What say!

  1. Water Roots

What we are going to tell is absolutely breathtaking. It’s our favourite, and will surely awe you as well. To put it simply, it’s like rooting a plant in water. For this option, fetch a spherical, see-through glass vase if you wish to stick to the basic (and thus, the best-looking) end result. You could play around with the shape of the flask and colour of the glass. Snip a plant at the base of a leaf, and put it in fresh spring water in the flask. You will be amazed watching this plant growing in degrees each day.

[Note: To be on a safer side with which plants can survive in mere water, a gardener or florist can guide you well.]

Glass vase

  1. Plant Prism

Just a combined variation of the above ‘Water Roots’ and ‘Macrame Hanger’ trends, you can also fetch prism-shaped vases from the market. Create a beautiful hanger with jersey knit fabric, straw tubing or nylon strings, place the prism vase into it, and hang in your living area, kitchen, or balcony. Ensure the cleanliness of spring water here. It is not just good for the plant’s growth, but for visual appeal too.

  1. Beaded Hanger

Too many cabinets and cupboards? Don’t wish to drill holes into ceiling or walls? We’ve got your back. Simply get colourful and strong strings, knit them as a basket, place your pot, put some big chunky beads into the strings, and hang the entire arrangement with the edges of those cupboards. It looks casual, and makes for a pretty corner in your otherwise-monotonous space.


  1. Jungle paradise

We all spend our lives (and funds) desiring that ideal abode that overlooks a green park or a plush garden. But as urbanization keeps tightening its grope around us, all our windows open up to are jungles of concrete. But no more! We have a trick. It’s great if you have an extended space on either side of the window pane, otherwise fetch a bench (not too fancy) and place it right before the window. Tadaa! Here’s your space to go green. Put earthen pots of varying sizes here, and get the room with a view.


  1. Corner Quotient

If there are L-shaped shelves in your rooms, you’ve surely been bothered about them at one point of time or other. Of course, there happens to be just nothing that can decorate the corners of those Ls without looking awkward. Right? Well, you’ve probably never considered plants. Keep whatever you like on shelves… magazines, photo frames, decorative items, lamps or fancy candles. And for the corners, get a vase or the basic earthen pot. Having done that, you’d have greened up your home without losing an inch of floor-space. Genius, isn’t that?

living room corner 1 revised

  1. Window Ledge

The house structures these days are mostly architect-approved. And they take care to surely give a window in the kitchen area. If you have a window behind the sink, or behind where you keep your gas burner, you can up the green game by placing cute little pots in these windows. Most of the houseplants wilt when they don’t give enough light and water. And this place of the house will sort that worry for you.

So now that you have a wider range of things you can do with your indoor plants, we hope you have got even more reasons to visit a plant nursery soon. Let us know which ones you implemented, and whether or not they are magic enough. *wink*


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