Best Green Tips To Add Oomph To Your Home Entrance This Festive Season

Diwali is just around the corner and as you walk home after a tired day’s work and see all the on-going preparations around you, your heart fills with a nostalgic air. From streets to the buildings being lit up in the bright, dancing lights in polychromatic shades, sweet shops and gift houses teeming to the brim with people trying to catch the shopkeepers’ attention to buy their festive wares and apparel outlets overflowing with Diwali enthusiasts trying on the latest trends in clothing, everything reminds you of the approaching festivities.

Diwali Lighting

And, suddenly you remember – “I need to do my home too?” and the thought fills you up with anxiousness. No doubt, a well-decorated house adds oomph to the festivities. But, do you know the most important part of your home that needs attention this Diwali, in order to add the right attitude and oomph as you welcome the festive season with fervor? It is none other than you home entrance – the first thing that anyone would notice of your house. Not just about interior decoration, it is the overall home décor including your home entrance that is the expression of your individual style!! So, as you make purchases of the décor accessories to give your home makeover this season, don’t forget the home entrance – to give it the right look to make it the envy of the neighborhood.

Now, do we have your attention? And, we are sure that by now you would already be imagining the various accessories required to decorate your entrance space – from the lobby or the porch or the patio to the door and the area around. And, the quintessential toran, beautifully designed diyas, string lights, fresh flowers, and the vibrant rangoli colors must be on top of that list already! As far as you can remember, Diwali decorations have been all about these. But we have a surprise for you this season. Now, there are numerous other simple yet beautiful ways you can bring a fresh, bright and innovative festive look for your home entrance, using these and other accessories.


The team at Grecor comprising some of the best interior designers and architects in Delhi & NCR are as excited about the coming festive time as you are. They bring to you some tips that can help you achieve an entrance décor that reflects your personality and sets the tone of the rest of your home. To start with, start by making your entrance clutter-free, arranging things like umbrella holders, shoe racks or any other decorative item in clean lines, to make the space look bigger.

Now, let’s take a look at the choice of the accessories that would add the true festive spirit to your home entrances.

Diyas & T-light Clusters:

Diwali is the “Festival of Lights” and diyas and candles form an integral part of the Diwali festive décor. Add some bright decorative diyas in and around your entrance to make the Diwali spirit seep in.

Another excellent way to add some style to your entrance is by placing floating diyas along with some fresh flower petals in a wide ceramic tray. If your home entrance overlooks a garden, then you have the perfect opportunity of accentuating the space with hanging t-lights or aromatic candles or by placing diyas and candles on the wall of the garden to add a sense of calmness to the area while uplifting the aesthetics.



Flowers make a great addition to your home decor.

Flower toran add the perfect festive touch to the home entrance. Attach string lights to these and you can see the beauty unfold in front of your own eyes!

You can even get one of the exquisite-looking bird-bath and pack it in one corner of the entrance, fill it with flower petals and some floating diyas to complete the floral look. Later, you can always take it back to your balcony as a bird bath.



The art of Rangoli making on the floor has been in vogue since ages. These not just add a splash of colors the entrance but an unparalleled vibrancy too. This year, try a different kind of rangoli mixing and alternating the colourful splash of sawdust and flour grain with not just diyas, but small colorful planters too. Add a Grecor Turquoise Ellipse Plant Pot to the middle of the Rangoli to enhance its look and add style to the overall festive décor. You could also place a Jali T-light holder within Rangoli to create a dramatic play of light and shade, and thereby adding to the overall festive ambience. You may create green rangoli using Grecor terracotta pots available at:

Decorative lights:


Plant Lighting

Adorn your entrance exterior walls with some decorative string lights, especially if you have a garden. Deck up the plants placed at the entrance and the garden too with the string lights and decorate porch pillars with flower garlands and lights as well.


Adding kandeel to the portico and the entrance can brighten up the space and make it look not just bright but colourful too.

Decor accessories:

While the above accessories can completely revamp your entrance, without a few accessories, the Diwali decor would look a little bland. Yes, give your entrance a new look by embellishing it with mirrors and bells hanging from the doorway to welcome guests. An assortment of hanging diyas and bells can be added at different heights to give the entrance a unique and interesting feel.



Adding greens to your doorway is the best way to greet guests this Diwali. Placing pots and planters with blossoming plants flanking your front door can give an extremely inviting look to your entrance.

Grecor brings together a melange of pots and planters that can be used to add some lushness and colour to an otherwise plain looking doorway. Grecor’s collection of artistically designed, brightly colored terracotta floor planters, hanging planters to enhance the landing spaces and wall-mounted planters in metallic finish and bright hues are just the perfect way to brighten up the space in a matter of minutes!

The earthen Tabla Plant Pot from Grecor with its traditional Indian flavor and subtle elegance and charm is just the perfect thing to park near the entrance to add elegance to your entrance decor.

Apart from wall planters, you can also add traditional-styled Antique Jharokha wall shelves on the entrance wall and complement these with some decor accessories or simply place some colorful, pocket-friendly potted plants.

While doing up your entrance, don’t forget to include the foyer as well in your entrance decoration. The mantra for a welcoming foyer area is the feeling of openness. So, just like your entrance, keep the foyer too free of clutter. Hang an interesting piece of art in your foyer. You can try replacing a normal artwork with a green wall art. Find some interesting patterns at If your foyer area is small, make a statement by displaying a mirror on the foyer wall to give the space some body and complement with a small potted plant and some décor accessories placed on a console table.

You must have heard about the phrase ‘making a grand entrance’. Well! This festive season, its time to make you home get the attention it deserves. Let your entrance create a lasting first impression with a pleasing and inviting décor.

Get inspired to transform your plain-Jane entryway to an awesome one!

For those of you living in South Delhi, Gurgaon or else where in the NCR, You may use variety of available green home entrance solutions from Grecor and avail free consultation from Grecor’s interior designers.

Happy Decorating!!

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